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At PAC, we’re passionate, committed and innovative. Our work is dynamic, challenging and meaningful. The wellbeing of our team lies at the heart of our culture.

We believe in empowering, supporting and investing in our people to succeed. When recruiting, we select the best person for the job—this means you’ll be surrounded by a workforce of diverse backgrounds and life experiences.

Join our team

We are a veteran-owned business comprised of 80% veteran staff across two independent companies in AUS and US.

We’re seeking individuals who share our core values of integrity, flexibility, and professionalism. We offer a range of benefits including competitive salaries, paid reserve leave, and continuous training and development opportunities.

Join us and thrive in a culture that truly cares.


Not just a word, but a way of life.


We believe that integrity is the cornerstone of a thriving and harmonious workplace. We foster a culture where trust, honesty, and ethical behavior are celebrated.

It's about doing the right thing, even when no one is watching. It's about treating colleagues and clients with fairness, kindness, and respect in every interaction.

When you join PAC, you become a part of a community that takes pride in its integrity. Together, we build an environment where open communication, collaboration, and ethical decision-making are the norm. We encourage you to be your authentic self and contribute to our collective commitment to integrity.


Essential for both our team and our clients.


That's why we work with our staff to prioritise balance, while aligning with our clients' requirements. This includes the option for hybrid work environments and flexible hours where possible, ensuring that our team can thrive both professionally and personally.

Our ability to excel in this dynamic environment is grounded in our core values, which guide our every action and decision. We don't just embrace flexibility; we celebrate it as a cornerstone of our success. Join us in a workplace where adaptability is not just a capability but a mindset, and together, we'll navigate new horizons and exceed expectations.


A guiding principle in everything we do. 


We recognise the significance of fostering a workplace culture that embodies professionalism, both within our organisation and in our interactions with clients and partners.

We are committed to nurturing our employees' growth and expertise through ongoing training, professional development, and opportunities that enhance each team member's skills and knowledge. We take pride in our collective dedication to professionalism, which enables us to consistently exceed expectations and achieve enduring success.

Our benefits

Great workplace culture
Flexible working environment
Ongoing training and development opportunities
Competitive salary
Employee Referral Program
Employee Assistance Program

Paid Parental Leave
Paid ADF Reserve leave
Novated lease arrangements

Our promise to veterans

As a veteran-owned business, veterans are at the heart of our organisation, comprising 80% of our workforce. PAC recognises their skill sets and experience – it’s vital to our success in supporting Defence. 

We’ve signed the Veterans Employment Commitment in support of the Australian Prime Minister’s Veterans Employment Program initiative. We are also a proud Platinum Pledge Partner of Soldier On. Soldier On is a not-for-profit veteran support organisation delivering early intervention services to veterans and their families in multiple locations across Australia. Together, we enable more veterans and their families to find meaningful careers.

As a member of the South Australia Veteran Employer Network we are extending our involvement with valuable initiatives to  help veterans achieve career success after their service.

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