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Strategic Plan for 2024: Future readiness and adaptation

The 2024 Strategic Plan reflects PAC's commitment to excellence, innovation, and strategic partnerships aimed at fortifying our position as a leading specialist in Defence and Aerospace capabilities enhancement.
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The 2024 Strategic Plan reflects PAC’s commitment to excellence, innovation, and strategic partnerships aimed at fortifying our position as a leading specialist in Defence and Aerospace capabilities enhancement.


With our 20 year anniversary on the horizon, and a focus on continuing future success, the Executive Leadership Team travelled from throughout the US and AUS to attend PAC’s inaugural Strategic Summit. The theme ‘future readiness and adaption‘ was central to topics and discussions throughout the event.


“In 2024, PAC is doubling down on innovation with a focus on advisory services, independent research, and future technologies. Our aim is not just to meet but to anticipate future client needs, positioning ourselves as leaders in the Defence and Aerospace industry.” – Eric Rambow. PAC President.


Strategic Focus Areas:

Introducing our strategic focus areas, where we aim to strengthen PAC’s position in the Defense and Aerospace sector through the following initiatives:


1. Advisory Services:

We are launching a new capability, Advisory services, to assist clients in navigating complex defence strategy, policy, and regulatory frameworks. Moreover, we aim to offer comprehensive solutions, stay abreast of industry trends, and deepen client relationships to enhance our value proposition.


2. Independent Research and Development (IR&D):

In recognising the pivotal role of IR&D to drive innovation within the defence industry, we will commit resources to self-financed research and development initiatives. Our aim is to develop new technologies, improve existing products, and explore new markets.


3. Future Technologies Focus:

Incorporating futuristic technologies into core capabilities, we aim to anticipate and meet future client needs. We will ensure PAC remains at the forefront of innovation, celebrating its 20-year anniversary with a focus on future readiness and adaptation.


4. AUKUS Partnership:

We will actively monitor and adapt to the evolving landscape shaped by the AUKUS partnership. Identifying and leveraging partnership opportunities, we aim to enhance regional security cooperation and strategic alignment.

Eric Rambow, US Chief Executive Officer

With the AUKUS partnership shaping the regional landscape, PAC is poised to seize new opportunities for collaboration and strategic alignment. Through our strategic plan, we reaffirm our commitment to enhancing regional security cooperation while delivering value to our clients."

Our Mission and Vision

Our mission and vision is unwavering:

  • Our purpose is to invest in and empower our team to deliver superior operational outcomes
  • Our vision is to continually be the preferred specialist team for enhancing our clients’ Defence and Aerospace capabilities
  • We’ll achieve all of this through our vast technical and operational skills, strategically located workforce, and commitment to innovation



In conclusion, PAC’s strategic plan for 2024 embodies a proactive approach to driving growth, innovation, and sustainability. By investing in our team, embracing change, and forging strategic alliances, PAC is well-positioned to navigate the complexities of the modern defence industry landscape and deliver value to our clients.

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