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Exploring Barriers to Entry into Defence Industry

We teamed up with the Australian Industry Group to facilitate an event focusing on providing insights into the Defence Industry.
presentation of how to break into the defence supply chain

Last week a small team of our industry experts from Cybersecurity and Business Operations teamed up with the Australian Industry Group (Ai Group) to facilitate an event focusing on providing insights into the Defence Industry, a sector known for its nuances and complexity.

The event comprised of three sessions which aimed to demystify the complexities and equip attendees with essential insights.

Session 1: Mapping the Terrain of Defence Success

The event’s kick-off session offered participants an overview of the Defence operating landscape. By understanding the overarching framework, attendees gained a foundational perspective on the industry’s key facets and interconnections.

Session 2: Building Secure Partnerships with Defence

The focus shifted to the crucial Defence Industry Security Program (DISP), a linchpin for those seeking to navigate the complexities of compliance and security. This session delved into the nuances of DISP, equipping participants with practical insights into working securely with Defence.

Session 3: Cybersecurity in the world of DISP

The final session covered the contemporary importance of cybersecurity in achieving Defence Industry success. With the digital realm playing an increasingly pivotal role, this deep dive underscored the symbiotic relationship between effective cybersecurity and overall success. This was tied together with an introduction to the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC).

The collaborative effort between the industry experts, Ai Group, and the event’s participants underscores the significance of knowledge exchange and partnership in overcoming barriers within the Defence Industry. Representatives from the Office of Defence Industry Support and AusIndustry were in attendance. Their contributions lent a practical dimension to the discussions, offering a real-world perspective on the challenges and opportunities present in the Defence Industry.

As the event concluded on a high note, it left attendees inspired and equipped with a renewed perspective on the path to Defence success.

The event was hosted at the Casula Powerhouse, and with the support of the Liverpool City Council (NSW).

For access to the resources discussed during the session, please visit our Digital Library.

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